sydney airbnb management companies reviewed

Best Sydney Airbnb Management Companies 2021

1. MadeComfy

Airbnb Genius rating: 5 stars

madecomfy sydney airbnb manager

We recommend MadeComfy as the top Airbnb management company to choose for property investors in Sydney. MadeComfy are an official Airbnb partner, and have demonstrated strong customer reviews with a track record across a large property portfolio.

They provide a complete management service that is more than just cleaning and have an in-house team that manages the entire listing including dynamic pricing, professional photography and a dedicated local account manager. MadeComfy list all their properties under management within their own brand’s Airbnb profile, and from our assessment of customer reviews of their properties in Brisbane, they do an excellent job.

The company was founded in 2015 and also has operations in Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. They offer a free instant calculator to work out the estimated returns of your property based on its address, which you can try for free using the link below.

2. Cushie

Cushie provides a range of packages for various Airbnb management services, if you are not looking for a full end-to-end manager. 

For example, they have a “start up” package which for $480+GST they will take help you get your property listed including:

  • Property photography
  • Property listing on Airbnb
  • Creating a property management manual
  • Creating a personalised house manual
  • Advice on pricing your property

Alternatively, they also offer a range of individual services from $45 – $250 + GST, in addition to the above, including:

  • Laundry service
  • Key exchange/personal meet and greet
  • Kitchen supplies/toiletries.

3. Airsorted

airbnb management company

Airsorted are a global property management company that was founded in the UK in 2015 by Daniel Scott, James Jenkins-Yates, Tom Jones. It is currently headquarted in London but has expanded its operations to Australia in the last couple of years.

One advantage of using Airsorted is if you also have multiple properties in other countries you could have them all managed by a single property management company. Airsorted also have a ‘host dashabord’

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